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A New Owner’s Views

Vista Pacifica is a beautiful mountain with beautiful views of an unspoiled pacific beach in Jamas, Ecuador. Sitting on the mountain and enjoying the view was an exciting and moving experience. Larry Pioli has been very open and above board with me, attempting to guide me in the kind of property I wanted. I believe that Vista Pacifica will double…

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Lifestyle in Ecuador

Haven’t we all seen the movie stars homes with their lovely pools overlooking whatever body of water they are on? How about “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”? I vividly remember Robin Leach’s voice, how about you? I can tell you that sitting here in the pool overlooking the Pacific Ocean and NOT being a star or rich is a…

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Scared Stiff About Moving to a Foreign Country?

While I was reading my latest edition of International Living, September 2009, I came across an article written by Suzan Haskins and chuckled. You see, I had received a similar email from a client when they requested information on Vista Pacifica. Suzan and I had, basically, the same responses to those statements and that is why I chuckled. I can…

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