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Whole Foods at Vista Pacifica

In the US, there’s a very popular chain of grocery stores called “Whole Foods”; they are an amazing success story of a big company doing a very good job at bringing more natural and organic food stuffs to the American table. They carry a lot of great tasting things that you typically can’t get in their competitors’ stores. They are…

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Water at Vista Pacifica!

Vista Pacifica is finishing up our private internal underground water system for our first phase. When complete we will hold approximately 120,000 gallons of water in reserve for our home owners in our system. Combined with our homes cisterna systems of approximately another 100,000 gallons we are positioned to be self sufficient for all of our water needs. You can…

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Traveling in Ecuador…Easy or Hard?

This question comes up quite often when I am speaking to people that are coming down to visit Ecuador. Many times the question comes up because of what many have read about some of the road conditions or based on someone’s own experiences. I thought I would shed some light on what it is like and has been like from…

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