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A New Owner’s Views

Vista Pacifica is a beautiful mountain with beautiful views of an unspoiled pacific beach in Jamas, Ecuador. Sitting on the mountain and enjoying the view was an exciting and moving experience. Larry Pioli has been very open and above board with me, attempting to guide me in the kind of property I wanted. I believe that Vista Pacifica will double or triple in value as houses start going up. It will be the kind of resort people are looking to spend their retirement in or use as a vacation get-a-way to rejuvenate their spirits.

The people in Jamas were kind and accommodating, attempting to make life easier for all of us. A fisherman came by each morning with fresh fish to sell. How do I know it was fresh? I sat on the balcony and watched him catch them.

I also took a long walk on a beach where the volcanic sand felt like silk on my bare feet. We were the only people on that beach. It was exciting and restful to discover a beautiful beach, ideal for swimming and taking long walks, and not have 100’s of other people to contend with. Vista Pacifica will be the up and coming resort community in Ecuador. I encourage you to get in on the ground floor.

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