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Mighty BIG shrimp!! This is the size of shrimp we normally get when our pescadora comes to our door here in Ecuador. Everywhere else in the world these are called prawns or even langostino…but just shrimp or camerones here… ;-). In Ecuador we have many things delivered to our door…I imagine it’s like it was in earlier days back in…

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Whole Foods at Vista Pacifica

In the US, there’s a very popular chain of grocery stores called “Whole Foods”; they are an amazing success story of a big company doing a very good job at bringing more natural and organic food stuffs to the American table. They carry a lot of great tasting things that you typically can’t get in their competitors’ stores. They are…

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Tales of Cerveza and Food

I am not a drinker by nature..sure a glass of wine or a mixed drink now and then, mostly with dinner, however I do like a nice cold beer on occasion. Here in Ecuador we get large bottles (over 20 oz.) in a 12 pack for .70 cents a piece, including bottle deposit. This nice Pilsener, since 1913, is quite…

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