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Expatriate to Ecuador Tips

This little video will give a little insight into the experience of expatriating to a foreign country. I have found it very entertaining and helpful, in that I have gone through all of these experiences myself, from the times when Vista Pacifica Homes in Ecuador was only an idea and then through all of it’s development. The basic solution in…

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fresh food Ecuador

“FRESH” in the USA is not the same as “FRESH” in Ecuador

Have you ever wondered how the apples that you see in the grocery stores in the USA get to be so “glossy”?…I know I have. I grew up all over the world (father being in the service certainly helped), but I have NEVER seen such gloss, even after trying to polish them myself once. It only makes me wonder if…

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Walking the Beach

I don’t know about you, but walking along on a deserted stretch of pristine beach always makes me calm and serene. When I say deserted I mean just that. Here at Vista Pacifica, just down below us is a stretch of beach that goes on for miles…I have been told there are 35 kilometers that are traversable at low tide…

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Lifestyle in Ecuador

Haven’t we all seen the movie stars homes with their lovely pools overlooking whatever body of water they are on? How about “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”? I vividly remember Robin Leach’s voice, how about you? I can tell you that sitting here in the pool overlooking the Pacific Ocean and NOT being a star or rich is a…

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