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Museum Guayaquil

The Start of Civilization in South America

I visited a wonderful museum while in Guayaquil on business a while ago and they were showing the history of Ecuador in the main part of the museum. I found this exhibit to be amazing as it traced the beginning of civilization in South America to… ECUADOR! Scholars now think (as most scholars tend to do), that the very start…

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The World’s Top Retirement Haven: ECUADOR

Many international publications and foreign real estate sites rank Ecuador as one of the world’s best retirement havens. Some even rank Ecuador as number 1, which I firmly believe. Since I began doing research on living in a foreign country a few years ago, and subsequently deciding on Ecuador as my own personal haven, (before I knew many of these…

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Scared Stiff About Moving to a Foreign Country?

While I was reading my latest edition of International Living, September 2009, I came across an article written by Suzan Haskins and chuckled. You see, I had received a similar email from a client when they requested information on Vista Pacifica. Suzan and I had, basically, the same responses to those statements and that is why I chuckled. I can…

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