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Walking the Beach

I don’t know about you, but walking along on a deserted stretch of pristine beach always makes me calm and serene. When I say deserted I mean just that. Here at Vista Pacifica, just down below us is a stretch of beach that goes on for miles…I have been told there are 35 kilometers that are traversable at low tide…

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The Mountain and the Views

I awoke early this morning and went for a nice walk. The sun was not yet up; I strolled down to the beach and, at low tide, it was a vast expanse. According to some of the locals, this stretch can be driven on for 40 kilometers! I have no idea if that is correct, but I will find out…

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A New Owner’s Views

Vista Pacifica is a beautiful mountain with beautiful views of an unspoiled pacific beach in Jamas, Ecuador. Sitting on the mountain and enjoying the view was an exciting and moving experience. Larry Pioli has been very open and above board with me, attempting to guide me in the kind of property I wanted. I believe that Vista Pacifica will double…

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