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Traveling in Ecuador…Easy or Hard?

This question comes up quite often when I am speaking to people that are coming down to visit Ecuador. Many times the question comes up because of what many have read about some of the road conditions or based on someone’s own experiences. I thought I would shed some light on what it is like and has been like from…

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Speed of Transportation in Our Area

Before I lived in Ecuador, I used to travel here with clients to tour Vista Pacifica, and every time I was reminded why I chose Ecuador as my destination to live, work and retire. After touring with clients recently my lovely wife and I decided to take a few days for ourselves and travel this wonderful coast again. As before…

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How Easy and Fast is Transportation in North Coast Manabi

The highway that is linking this part of the coast to Quito is done in many areas and it is being worked on 7 days a week to finish it. I am always amazed at the progress as I go back and forth to Vista Pacifica from other areas. I decided to drive from Vista Pacifica to various points along…

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