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New Inheritance Tax hikes being proposed by Ecuador President Correa

This week President Correa brings new Inheritance Tax hikes for approval of the government to be implemented. These hikes are a large spike from current taxes and could have effects on locals and expats alike. The current taxes are as follows: Inheritances under $66,000 USD dont pay any tax. For inheritances valued $100,000, they pay a 5% tax. For $200,000…

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Walking the Beach

I don’t know about you, but walking along on a deserted stretch of pristine beach always makes me calm and serene. When I say deserted I mean just that. Here at Vista Pacifica, just down below us is a stretch of beach that goes on for miles…I have been told there are 35 kilometers that are traversable at low tide…

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A collection of Andean bird videos by andeanbirding

The Coast of Manabi Province

Since the very first time I laid my eyes upon this section of the coast I knew it was something special. I can’t fully describe the reasons except to say it’s charm drew me in and kept me here. Part of the charm is the way the climates seem to change effortlessly from one into another. You have all of…

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Ecuador Banking

Banking in Ecuador will try your patience for sure. If you have followed this thread of banking you already know that I went to one of the biggest banks in Ecuador…Bank of Pichincha, on Monday of this week to get a debit card that I ordered. I had to reorder it and it was supposed to be here today…Friday. Trying…

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