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Ecuador Banking

Banking in Ecuador will try your patience for sure.

If you have followed this thread of banking you already know that I went to one of the biggest banks in Ecuador…Bank of Pichincha, on Monday of this week to get a debit card that I ordered. I had to reorder it and it was supposed to be here today…Friday.

Trying to be smart about the whole deal I decided that I would go after lunch into the later afternoon. I arrived at 2 PM and stood in the line waiting on the one clerk that can handle that transaction to return from lunch. At 3 PM she returned and by this time I was the only one in line since even the Ecuadorians gave up and left…;-).

I was informed that the card would be there by 3:30, so I went shopping for electronics right next door to kill the half hour. I did find a 42” Plasma Samsung HDTV (newest model) for $849, which is a great price in Ecuador for a large TV, so it didn’t seem like wasted time or trip at that point.

I went back to the bank at the appointed time and sat and waited until 4 PM at which time by card had arrived. I got it and went out to the ATM to activate it and change my password….well, none of the 3 ATM’s were working. I called one of the supervisors and he was able to get one working (how I don’t really know), and I put my card in to activate and change the password.

After 3 failed attempts my card is now locked for 24 hours…

BUT…I did get a GREAT buy on a TV!

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