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Ecuador Medical Care – Hospital Receives International Accreditation

Ecuador medical care keeps getting better and better. Witness the Santa Elena hospital, Liborio Panchancha.

Santa Elena Ecuador hospitalThe second public hospital in Ecuador and Latin America to receive international accreditation was Liborio Panchana Sotomayor Hospital, Santa Elena, this December 19, by the prestigious organization Accreditation Canada International (ACI).

This international accreditation is found that the nursing home meets world standards of quality, warmth and safety of hospital care.

In the ceremony of accreditation, the Minister of Public Health, Carina Vance, said the achievements of the hospital of Santa Elena represent the new approach has MSP management, to provide “quality public services and excellence for the vast majority of the Ecuadorian people. ”

The minister also stressed the commitment of human talent as one of the cornerstones of the efforts in this hospital. “The heart of the National Health System are professionals and workers today are as responsible for this international recognition,” he said.

Meanwhile, Sebastien Audette, president of the NGO Accreditation Canada International, congratulated the hospital staff health and stressed its commitment to the development of continuous process improvement and patient safety. “Evaluators few weeks ago visited the hospital admired achievements in such a short time,” said Audette.

Meanwhile, Fadul Jurado, manager Liborio Panchana Sotomayor Hospital, spoke about the work carried out since 2013 and thanked the support of national and zonal authorities and the support received by their staff. “This achievement is thanks to the work of each and all who make up the Ministry of Public Health, for the benefit of the community,” Jury said.

The Ministry of Health (MOH) of Ecuador developed, since 2013, a process of international accreditation of 44 public hospitals, by ACI, an organization that is present in countries like Belgium, Brazil, China, Italy, Mexico, between other.

The program developed in Ecuador called and delivery Qmentum International accreditation in three levels: Gold, Platinum and Diamond. The first HospitalpĂșblico in Ecuador and Latin America to receive an international accreditation was Dr. Francisco de Icaza Bustamante, Guayaquil, on November 20, 2014 Hospital.

With this certification, the country is positioned at the forefront in the region in efforts to achieve quality health services.


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