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Ecuador News And Views

Ecuador’s national census takes place every ten years, with the next one scheduled for November 28, 2010. In the same manner as the census in Panama a few months back, nobody can leave their house until they have had a visit from a census-taker, and filled the forms out.

The other news from Ecuador this week, food giant Nestle announced that they expect their sales in Ecuador to rise by 39% by 2015. Nestle says that Ecuador (in line with other South American countries) suffered less than markets in the US and Europe in the global downturn. Nestle’s target is double-digit growth every year for the next five years. The company also plans to invest $415 million in the country during that same period.

A Chinese engineering firm went into partnership with a Canadian mining company this week. They have plans to develop a gold mining project in Ecuador. One mine alone holds 6.9 million ounces of gold. If the mine goes ahead, it would provide a boost to Ecuador’s economy.

Ecuador’s President, Rafael Correa, inaugurated a modern oil field in the country’s Amazon region this week. The field should produce 25,000 barrels a day over the next three years. Additional finds could push that figure to 42,000 barrels. The government funded the development of the oil field. It is the first in Ecuador to use environmentally friendly technology. Moreover, twelve percent of profits will go to local Indian groups.

Correa inaugurated the new Bahia bridge earlier this month, a huge milestone for Ecuador’s undeveloped north Pacific coast. This $100 million project connects Ecuador’s northern and southern Pacific coasts. It will open up the northern section of coast, and should boost both trade and tourism in the area.

With a new road under construction to the north Pacific coast from Ecuador’s capital, Quito, and upgrades to the existing coastal highway, this location is on the move. We expect to see more residential developments here, as increased numbers of tourists and second-home buyers discover this place’s quiet beauty…its ultra-low cost of living…and its unhurried, relaxed pace of life.

Vista Pacifica’s gate and guard house has begun construction and work continues on the infrastructure. Our response rate and inquiries has grown rapidly over the last few months. More clients are reserving and traveling down to see our little piece of heaven that everyone is talking about. You can too, if this appeals to you. Contact me at, call from North America on our toll free line at 888-568-4782, or on my USA cell at 813-748-3047.

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