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Expatriate to Ecuador Tips

expatThis little video will give a little insight into the experience of expatriating to a foreign country. I have found it very entertaining and helpful, in that I have gone through all of these experiences myself, from the times when Vista Pacifica Homes in Ecuador was only an idea and then through all of it’s development.

The basic solution in this is very true, for me, and for the people I have met who are living here successfully: in the “honeymoon phase” (that period where one brushes off the differences one sees in the environment here, and focuses on the positive). This is the time to establish yourself in your “new world”: to create a social network (offline), and to establish routines. This is what you fall back on in the later phases when you might not feel so good!

But, watch the video! It’s very well written (and drawn) and the narrator’s English accent and attitude is just perfect.


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