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Guard House Construction

Our guard house and gate area is under construction and our first home begins the first part of this coming year (2011).

Even though the journey has been sometimes a little frustrating, it has occurred quite quickly.

When I have developed any type of planned community in the USA it is normally a 12 to 18 month process to begin construction. Here is has taken less than 8 months. You will hear about the bureaucracy in South America and especially Ecuador, and although much is true…it has taken less time to get from point A to point B here than in the USA.

Since we are the largest development on this portion of the coast to date, we have been charged with securing an environmental management plan which we are working on with one of our environmental engineers.

This is the last step in a long series of steps for Vista Pacifica and we are pleased to know that, once we take care of it, we will have accomplished more, in a shorter period of time than, any other development to date that we know of.

Our web site has a construction page for the infrastructure of Vista Pacifica and we will also have a client construction page once we begin on our clients homes. Stay tuned and feel free to browse these pages at your convenience.

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