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Larry Pioli and Vista Pacifica Homes in Ecuador

(Vista Pacifica is a peaceful mountainside home community that overlooks the Pacific Ocean. Our vantage point offers  spectacular and contrasting vistas. From your home here in Coastal Manabi Ecuador, you enjoy both the vastness of the ocean and its glorious sunsets, plus the serenity of living in a green, tropical nature preserve nestled on a mountainside. 

Larry Pioli is the owner and developer of Vista Pacifica Homes in Ecuador.

Here is a testimonial from one of our soon-to-be-residents.)

Vista Pacifica Homes Ecuador Larry Pioli Testimonial Anne Whitman

We started looking for property in South America with the idea of building a house and relocating there in the near future.   We found a land development called Vista Pacifica located in Ecuador on Craigs List with several pictures of the area which looked beautiful.   What initially drew our attention was that the price of the land was considerably less than other properties we had viewed in Ecuador – we imagined that it couldn’t be that good for that price – it had to be out in the boonies and not be very desirable. 

We were very skittish about purchasing property that is located out of our country. Roger decided to make a trip to see if this property had any merit and to meet the developer of Vista Pacifica, Larry Pioli.  

We are so glad he made the trip.  The land is spectacular, and worthy of investing.  It is very close to health care, grocery shopping, recreation and all the essentials.  The mountains make it a stunning retreat.  

The area is beautiful, Vista Pacifica is priced great, and the developer is an absolute gem!  He has made the details of our sizable investment in his development worry free. Roger and I consider him to be a consummate business man!

We purchased 28 acres, and I am here to tell you that you can invest with Vista Pacifica and not worry for even one second that you are going to be ripped off or disappointed in any way.  

Larry Pioli is always available to explain any process relating to real estate investing, relocating and even applying for citizenship.  They are both a wealth of information.  He and his partner, Ana, are also helping us resolve an Ecuadorian land transaction from another developer that was riddled with errors.  Larry is so conscientious with the real estate transactions that he conducts to make absolutely certain they are completed without any error. They are creative thinkers, excellent problem solvers, very  well connected and a delight to get to know.

Anne Whitman

2 Responses for Larry Pioli and Vista Pacifica Homes in Ecuador

  1. Cathie Armstrong-Moore on

    Good to know, still working our way through this and I have been wondering about putting some of my concerns needs on the Ecuador Expat 2 fb page to see what feed back we might get that could help narrow our search and make our November trip more productive.
    John’s main concern is weather, he absolutely hates the cold so I thought the mountains might not be the place for us.
    We currently live in St Croix US VI 82 F on the patio right now 4pm.

    • Cathie

      Please feel free to post your questions on the EE2 site as well as ask them here if you prefer. Weather is SO diverse here and you can find any climate that suits you. Micro climates abound. I feel like you do regarding the highlands…just to cold and damp for me in most places, but everyone has their own tolerance levels to contend with. I love the coast, as our area is very temperate…never to hot or to cold so suits me just fine. Visiting and exploring is the best option for finding that perfect spot and I hope you consider our part of the coast in your searching. All the best, hopefully we will meet and you can explore my area.

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