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Lifestyle in Ecuador

Haven’t we all seen the movie stars homes with their lovely pools overlooking whatever body of water they are on?

How about “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”? I vividly remember Robin Leach’s voice, how about you?

I can tell you that sitting here in the pool overlooking the Pacific Ocean and NOT being a star or rich is a VERY nice feeling.

Jessica is preparing Almuerzo (lunch) now and soon she will be serving it on the veranda, which also overlooks the Pacific Ocean.

I hope you have the picture in your mind because…everything that you have read or heard about living large on a small amount of money is very true in Ecuador, and especially here at Vista Pacifica.

When you examine the lifestyle that you have currently and can look into the future, you will probably find that there are other countries in the world where you could have a different if not better lifestyle for so much less than it costs you currently, and, looking at all the research that is available to you, you will find that Ecuador comes out as one of the top 5 destinations in the world.

This little country has so much going for it that it consistently ranks highly in the top destinations for retirement living in the world, of which it ranks number 1 for 2009, and it ranked number 2 in 2008, according to International Livings retirement index.

If you go onto the Internet you will find many that live in and write about Ecuador, just not many on this part of the coast, which is fine by me…as I love people just not maddening crowds for my piece of paradise.

Isn’t that what people try to get away from for vacations etc.?

Click on the images below to view some recent “chillin'” pics.


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