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Here along the Ecuadorian Pacific coastal region, life is laid back and much simpler than in the cities or possibly where you have come from.  Stress is a foreign concept and term since everything runs on a clock that everyone knows exists but very few seem to rely on it. Here nothing is so important that it takes over from family or fun..and in actuality, isn’t this one of the reasons we all seek that harmony and less stressful environment?

That is why many of us go on vacations…to escape the trials and tribulations of our daily work lives.

In Ecuador, work is a necessity not a priority as it is in the USA.  North Americans tend to live to work…here we tend to work to live.

You might ask yourself why you are considering Ecuador in the first place.

If you are leaving the familiarity and comfort of your home country and stressful life to come to the very same thing, then perhaps it is time to re-evaluate those thoughts.

Whale Watching

Coming to Ecuador allows you the chance to disconnect as much as you wish…to experience the truly “tranquilo” lifestyle that is accepted and normal here.

Here in Ecuador we have found that you can be as active as you wish to be with the varied and vastly  different bio spheres that are available to you. We have mountainous terrain that flows down to the coast.

We have rain forests, valleys and the magnificent Pacific Ocean, so whatever your “lifestyle” choice, Ecuador certainly can cater to it. VISTA PACIFICA AND ECUADOR, an unbeatable combination so…………..”Come Live the Adventure”.


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