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A Pre-Columbian Center of Culture

Three thousand years before the Spaniards came, the coast of Ecuador was the home for some of South America’s earliest peoples.

And the town of Jama would have been near one of the centers of this artistic culture.

The art from this people is beautiful; most of it is ceramic or stone, but there have been beautiful gold pieces found here as well.

Vista Pacifica is about 15 minute’s drive from Jama, which is where our area’s municipal headquarters are.

This is where we liaison with the people in charge of water and power and all the other infrastructure of the area.

Jama is a town of a few thousand friendly people; it’s a good place to get local produce, and to see what the day’s catch from the local fisherman looks like.

Jama Hospital

Jama has a hospital that has just been built and staffed, with some of the staff being bilingual.





 Park in Jama









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