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Manta is Ecuador’s second busiest port (Guayaquil is number one) and second biggest products importer and exporter of agricultural and manufactured goods (again, second to Guayaquil). The city has become the center of the Ecuadorian tuna industry. Its population of over 220,000 makes it Ecuador’s fifth largest city.

“Charlie Tuna” welcomes you to Manta along the road from Montecristi, where warehouses and factories are all painted with the logos of fish export companies.

The Museo del Banco Central has excellent exhibits on the pre-Inca Manteño culture.

At The Yacht Club, under the blue awnings at the dock at Calle 15, you can charter boats for deep sea fishing and find tour companies offering snorkeling tours and visits to the Isla de la Plata.

There are plenty of inexpensive seafood restaurant/bars along the beach here.

There is also an airport here. If you have flown from the US into the Quito or Guayaquil airport, there are planes shuttling back and forth every day from our airport here.

Just north of Manta is the little fishing town of Jaramijo; here many of the local fisherman still use sailboats to fish.


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