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Portoviejo Ecuador

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Montecristi, Ecuador is a small town internationally renowned for the high quality of the “Panama Hats” they produce (yes, you read correctly, Panama Hats are and always have been from Ecuador and not from Panama).

Lying at the foot of a large hill called Montecristi, the small town of the same name has many attractions such as Eloy Alfaro’s (an ex-Ecuadorian President) house, the Hermanas Largacha Museum, and the Monserrate Sanctuary, where thousands of Ecuadorian and foreign pilgrims traditionally flock, especially on the weekends.

Another place of interest is La Pila, whose artisans make a variety of sculptures and replicas of Pre-Colombian ceramics.

In addition to hats, these artisan centers display other handmade crafts made of different types of straw and iron. As of the 2001 census Montecristi, Ecuador had 14,636 inhabitants.

Portoviejo (Spanish pronunciation: [poɾtoˈβjexo], locally: [poɾtoˈβjeho]) is a city in Ecuador, and the capital the Province of Manabí 30 km from the Pacific coast. (Population: about 250,000). Also known as the city of the “Royal Tamarind Trees” for the beautiful trees found in the area.

Portoviejo is the main political and economical centre of the Portoviejo Rivervalley, which also includes the cantons of Santa Ana and Rocafuerte, where about 110 square kilometers are cultivated every year.

The valley is rich in the production of tomatoes, onions, peppers, bananas, mangoes and other tropical fruits.

Portoviejo is a large commercial center for the province, where there are two shopping malls, one with a large hypermarket, 8 movie theaters, food court, and other stores. There is a large flea market in downtown.

Locals are very friendly and very well educated.

Dr Julio Villacreses Colmont Hospital

Dr Julio Villacreses Colmont Hospital

The city is home of the cancer treatment hospital “Dr Julio Villacreses Colmont” serving the provinces of Manabí and Esmeraldas.

Portoviejo is the perfect place to enjoy traditional Manabí cuisine, of great fame in Ecuador, usually at country side restaurants located on the side of the Portoviejo-Crucita roadway.

The local airport is used for domestic flights.

This large city is the capital of Manabí Province and is important for coffee, cattle and fishing. Founded on March 12, 1535, it is one of the oldest cities in Ecuador and is the sixth largest.

Portoviejo has a thriving agricultural-processing industry and is an important commercial center, with good road connections to Quito and Guayaquil.

This city houses close to 200,000 inhabitants and is the capital of Manabi province as well as the main center for commercial activity such as coffee production, fishing and cattle ranching.

It also is infamous for kapok mattresses and pillows made from the ceibo seed case and is a good place to buy hammocks. You can stroll around the city easily by foot and visit the Parque Eloy Alfaro which faces the local cathedral.

An interesting nearby village to visit is Sosote just a few minutes from Portoviejo, it’s worth visiting because of its tagua workshops. The main street has several stalls selling tagua figures.

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