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New Hospital in Jama

Some things seem to go quicker than anyone realizes.

This was my first thought upon viewing the new hospital in Jama…15 minutes to the south of Vista Pacifica.

The last time I had brought clients down it was just a skeleton of a building on the outskirts of Jama heading toward the Pacific Ocean. I was quite amazed at the speed of construction and the design. A very modern styled building with a port-a-cache styled entrance, more reminiscent of south beach in Miami than Jama Ecuador to be sure.

The main structure is totally complete with a side wing being finished now. Even though I was told it would be operational this year (and I admit they are moving along at a very quick pace), I would say not until next year and from the looks of the wing….first quarter of 2011.

The point is…..we have a NEW HOSPITAL just 15 minutes from Vista Pacifica which will be run by the Ministry of Health. Our architect and his lovely wife have been involved with the Ministry of Health for many years and are doing their best to get English speaking doctors (at the very least one) as staff at this new facility, and after working with both of them, I am convinced they will make it happen.

This is just one more reason that our wonderful part of the coast is appealing to our clients. Everything is happening that is taking us into the future in a rapid pace.

Get in early and marvel at the way an area grows into the future, and become a part of something grand.


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