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Vista Pacifica…The Ocean and Tides

The Ocean and Tides;


The tides…worlds largest sleep machine?

Tasaste Manabi EcuadorThe Pacific Ocean is a wonderful body of water, and on the coast of Ecuador, within the area of Vista Pacifica, the tide is always coming in, or going out and the sound it makes is truly mesmerizing. I guess that is why that sound is always put into those “sleep” machines I see…you know the ones…those that make sounds to lull you to sleep. I read it has to do with the tuning in of alpha waves or something like that. Well, if that’s the case, I have the largest SLEEP machine in the world, and I don’t have to carry it with me…it’s just always here and always ON. Even on the top of the mountain that is Vista Pacifica, you can hear the surf. Of course the birds, monkeys and myriads of other sounds all help to expand the experience, but I say…it’s the SURF. This side of the world with the Pacific Ocean at your door, is out of the hurricane or tsunami belts, has just enough rainfall, and is just so beautiful all year long that you can forget the surf and the sun, but it’s difficult to forget it when you lay down and it lulls you to sleep along our part of the coast. The Humboldt and El Nino currents converge off the coast of Ecuador, and although that creates weather patterns, they all tend to move away from Ecuador. Soon it will be the “green” season, (tourism board wants us to say that instead of..”rainy”…;-), when the land becomes a vast array of differing patterns and colors of green that can take your breath away with a glance. This season normally runs from mid to end December through April. It is the warmest time of year and the most humid, but not anything like we used to get when we lived in Florida. Come on down during this season and see for yourself and if you find you like it then, you will love it the other 8 or so months of the year even more!

 “Come Live the Adventure that is…Vista Pacifica”

Larry Pioli

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  1. Bobby Whitehead on

    we want to come down in January or February 2013… whadda ya think? call me 512-567-2661

  2. Jessica McIntyre on


    Thanks, a very nice read!


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