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Scared Stiff About Moving to a Foreign Country?

While I was reading my latest edition of International Living, September 2009, I came across an article written by Suzan Haskins and chuckled.

You see, I had received a similar email from a client when they requested information on Vista Pacifica. Suzan and I had, basically, the same responses to those statements and that is why I chuckled.

I can understand the apprehension, the worry, the fear… however all these emotions will cause you to “stay” in that comfortable box, even if it means you could be living somewhere else and having so much more on the money that you have or already are making from social security or retirement.

As a culture, North Americans are so used to having so much that we sometimes find it uneasy to give some of that up, although most of the worry is unfounded.

I have a saying (not sure where I heard it or if I expanded upon it) and it goes like this…”worry is the interest on a debt we don’t owe yet”, and I have found that to be of comfort when I begin thinking to hard or to long on a subject.

Obviously, I am not advocating throwing caution to the wind, but making educated and calculated decisions is something we do every day. From getting out of bed in the morning to going back to bed at night, we are making decisions that affect our day to day and sometimes our very lives.

My advice is just like Ms. Haskins who wrote…”take the plunge”, or at least the first step”.

I would suggest planning a trip or tour of the area that you are interested in. Here at Vista Pacifica we offer “Discover Vista Pacifica” long weekends to get a flavor of the area and see if it is in your scope of desire. With a trip like this, you are not on your own at all, have all of the comfort level you need in having someone experienced in the country, transportation, accommodations, meals, tours etc. and can just relax and enjoy the experience.

Longer stays can be arranged and we welcome the opportunity to answer your questions regarding Vista Pacifica.

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