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Sometimes the Sun Hides from the Equator

Here in Ecuador we normally enjoy a large amount of sunshine throughout the year.

This year has been an exception, and although I have heard the explanations of El Nino, or La Nina, my understanding from many locals is that this happens every 10 years or so. That is not to say that the weather is not nice, it’s just overcast.

That makes some people happy, as one of our latest owners stated. She currently lives in the USA in a state that the sun never seems to go away and so some of the overcast was and is extremely pleasant to her.

I make this point to show that what one finds pleasant, another may find the very same thing unpleasant. This dichotomy is what makes the world go round and why there is vanilla and chocolate (many other flavors also, but this was just to make a point)…;-)

It is also amazing to me how people can change their long held thoughts and change their likes and dislikes very quickly.

It is this very reason that Vista Pacifica’s policy is to never accept full payment for a lot without our client seeing the country and standing on the lot of their choice before finalizing the contract. We only accept reservation deposits to secure the lot of your choice, and why we give a 100% reservation deposit refund guarantee.

That is, once you come to Ecuador and visit Vista Pacifica, if for any reason at all you are not 100% satisfied with your choice you may change the reservation deposit to another available lot and then go to contract. You may also keep the lot that you chose (and go to contract for the finalization of your purchase), or state that you don’t want to be a part of Vista Pacifica and we will return every penny of your reservation deposit. Our commitment to our clients is to make every single client a satisfied and happy one.

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