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Speed of Transportation in Our Area

Before I lived in Ecuador, I used to travel here with clients to tour Vista Pacifica, and every time I was reminded why I chose Ecuador as my destination to live, work and retire.

After touring with clients recently my lovely wife and I decided to take a few days for ourselves and travel this wonderful coast again. As before we found it charming and more advanced than the last time we did this (1 year ago). So much has improved and yet so much stayed the same. The improvements I speak of have to do with infrastructure, mainly roadways. The roadways are vastly improved since I first came here over 4 years ago, and improved still just from last year as well. The Ecuadorians work 7 days a week on the roadways and even though they proceed slowly, they proceed steadily. The new bridge linking Bahia de Caraquez to San Vicente, over the river that meets the Pacific one hour to our south, is a marvel of engineering and was brought in earlier than expected.

The drive time has been cut drastically, now that you don’t have to wait on a car ferry, and I was able to make the trip from Manta to Vista Pacifica in 2 hours and 30 minutes. When the road work is completed I believe the time will be brought down to 1 hour and 45 minutes to 2 hours. Quite a difference than the last time I drove it and it took me almost 4 and a half hours (I had to wait for 4 ferry trips to get on the single 12 car ferry). However the things that stayed the same were… the magnificent scenery, the gentle and helpful Ecuadorians, and the feeling that time slowed down and you could actually breathe.

We are working steadily at Vista Pacifica, and we cant wait to go “touring again”.

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