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Tales of Cerveza and Food

Marketing for Beer: the Same Over the World

I am not a drinker by nature..sure a glass of wine or a mixed drink now and then, mostly with dinner, however I do like a nice cold beer on occasion.

Here in Ecuador we get large bottles (over 20 oz.) in a 12 pack for .70 cents a piece, including bottle deposit. This nice Pilsener, since 1913, is quite refreshing, especially on a nice day after a long walk on the beach. It is served in every small and large restaurants all over Ecuador.

As a matter of fact, just down below Vista Pacifica, where the Ruta Del Sol meets our entrance, there is a little bar/restaurant that serves it up nice and cold. If you prefer to buy it by the 12 pack case as I do, a quick 5 minutes into Don Juan and you can pick some up, along with some Verde (green bananas), Queso (cheese), and some other sundries quickly if you don’t feel like driving the 15 minutes into Jama for a larger batch of groceries and baked goods.

I would suggest, along with your cerveza, a quick dish made from Verde and Queso, called Bologne De Verde. A mixture of the 2 that is fried and served nice and hot…it really is wonderful. I like to have them daily with a meal or as a snack. I especially enjoy them with Ceviche (a cold seafood soup), that is made with many types of seafood.

I am fond of the Ceviche De Camarones…Shrimp soup. I had that yesterday as I was coming back from San Vicente in a little road side restaurant, along with juice, a nice fish, rice, vegetables and dessert…and the best was $1.75…$2.00 including tip.

How does that strike you for a low cost of living?

Ecuador is an amazing country full of wonderful surprises and diversity to appeal to anyone. If you like snow-capped mountains, they are here, Amazon rain forest, it is here, Spanish colonial cities and towns, they are here, the Pacific Ocean and its many beaches, they are here too.

If you are looking for eternal summer or spring, it can be found within this small country that offers the expat an exceptional value and quality of life.

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