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Taxes and Restrictions on Moving Money to Ecuador

The situation in the United States is reaching a critical point, and the U.S. government is feeling desperate. This is leading to two things–more taxes and restrictions on your ability to move your money out of reach of an ever-greedier and needier government.

I’m not being an alarmist. I’m speaking practically and realistically. Right now, you have many good options available to you for minimizing your tax burden each year, for protecting your assets, and for safe-guarding your wealth. What you don’t have is a lot of time to wait.

Starting Jan. 1, 2013, your options will be fewer. The tax, privacy, and protection benefits harder to realize. Which means you have, effectively, 18 months to put your financial affairs in order.

As a trusted friend puts it, “If you can see the hurricane coming toward you from a couple of hundred miles out, you should be able to get out of its way.”

This hurricane is coming…

I am not suggesting you do anything illegal. We’re not talking about “hiding” money. Ask any financial guru and they will tell you that diversity is the key to generating and maintaining wealth, to never put all your “eggs” in one basket. The timing could not be better in fact to invest in gorgeous Pacific Ocean view property since they aren’t “making” any more (bet you never heard that before…;-).

Now that you will have less options of taking your own money out of the USA without being taxed or withholding being taken out, the time to put some of that money to work for you is perfect.

The prices in Ecuador are some of the lowest in the world for fantastic Pacific Ocean view property and buying in an upscale community and environment can only enhance the value. Vista Pacifica is one such community.

I invite you to look at our web site and to contact me for further information regarding ownership opportunities within Vista Pacifica.

The most important thing to understand is that you have options. Holding some of your wealth outside your home country is just smart, and, right now, you have important opportunities to do just that in many ways….owning gorgeous real estate for a fraction of what you would pay elsewhere is just one of them.

I am not a tax or financial consultant and don’t play one on TV either, but there are some very disturbing things that are going to take place within the USA that will have many implications in the near future on what you can and can’t do with your OWN money.


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