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The Coast of Manabi Province

Since the very first time I laid my eyes upon this section of the coast I knew it was something special.

I can’t fully describe the reasons except to say it’s charm drew me in and kept me here. Part of the charm is the way the climates seem to change effortlessly from one into another.

You have all of the climates represented here, rainforest, dry forest, temperate and desert and as you drive you ease into each one. Sometimes you can feel the temperature change, other times you can see the stark contrast from the climate you have just left.

The shore line is gorgeous and it gives way to wonderful mountainous areas with craggy cliffs which meander for a while before giving in to those wonderful beach areas that you may have seen in pictures. Those that have experienced this part of the coast have see all of these things, and some are quite amazed…I know I was and still am.

Here at Vista Pacifica we sit on a virginal dry forest area with amazing sweeping views of the Pacific. The Pacific Ocean laps at our feet a mere 600 meters away from our entry gate. However, it’s the views that are truly stunning, since we sit at some elevation.

With vistas ranging from 45 degrees to an amazing 200 degrees, is what sets Vista Pacifica apart from any other development. Of course we are the largest and only development that is being built to USA standards and specifics on this part of the coast at this time, so we have a slight advantage over everyone else.

Come see for yourself what Vista Pacifica has to offer you.

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