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The Mountain and the Views

Can You Spot Julie Andrews?

I awoke early this morning and went for a nice walk. The sun was not yet up; I strolled down to the beach and, at low tide, it was a vast expanse.

According to some of the locals, this stretch can be driven on for 40 kilometers!

I have no idea if that is correct, but I will find out one day.

As I was returning from the beach to go back up to Vista Pacifica the sun was just rising over the mountain. This is normally the cue for the low clouds that are in the sky to go away, and they seem to oblige every morning.

As I got to the top of Vista Pacifica I turned around to admire the wonderful view out to the Pacific Ocean and forever. The ocean turns different colors depending on what the sky is doing at any particular moment in time.

This morning, as the sun rose and the clouds disappeared, it turned from a grayish cast to 3 different colors of blue…light blue at the surf, a little darker blue half-way between surf and horizon and a dark blue hue at the horizon.

I sat down on a rock just to admire the beginning of the day and scan the 220 degrees that I could see out to the ocean. I thought once more to the day I stepped foot on Vista Pacifica and how it made me feel.

Those exact same feelings are there every day that I look out onto the vistas that this mountain gives me and I know I made the right choice in offering others the chance to feel that too. You will find video and photos on this web site, but nothing can compare to actually being here and feeling what Vista Pacifica has to offer.Hello


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