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The Start of Civilization in South America

Museum Guayaquil

Museum GuayaquilI visited a wonderful museum while in Guayaquil on business a while ago and they were showing the history of Ecuador in the main part of the museum.

I found this exhibit to be amazing as it traced the beginning of civilization in South America to… ECUADOR! Scholars now think (as most scholars tend to do), that the very start of civilization, as described and identified by those same scholars, began in Ecuador. They have traced back over 10,000 years through archeological sites and findings, and determined this.

The exhibit contained absolutely stunning pottery, art, weapons, and jewelry. They believe that this civilization was the first in South America to initiate trading with other cultures and to sail great distances to do so. Their culture and way of life was quite advanced, and there is thinking that the Mayan and Incan civilizations branched off from this civilization.

I have visited Mayan and Incan ruins in South America and Mexico, and have always wondered how they were able to build such magnificent structures, with the symmetry that they hold, with the tools that they had at their disposal. I have stood at the bases, taken the tours, listened to the dissertations, and still come away wondering, “how?” The skill and mathematics involved in constructing these wonderful structures leaves me in a state of awe.

Here in Ecuador we have some wonderfully independent indigenous tribes in the Amazon, and their way of life (although modern civilization has crept up on them), has basically remained intact. The Shamans still practice what was passed down from generation to generation and they practice it with dignity and respect for the earth and themselves. Their sacred places and rituals make one wonder…what have we lost being so…CIVILIZED?

For a wonderful retreat from the stress of everyday life, come to our little piece of paradise along the coast of Ecuador in the Manabi province and feel the energy and see the pristine surroundings. A place where complete “civilization” has not taken over yet (although the infrastructure is now in place), where the beaches stretch for miles and you can walk them without seeing many people and no crowds at all. A place that stays green for much of the year, where the farmers tend their fields, the monkeys make their home and the wildlife has not seen much development yet.

This is the area where Vista Pacifica makes its home.

Larry Pioli

“Come Live the Adventure that is…Vista Pacifica”

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