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The World’s Top Retirement Haven: ECUADOR

Many international publications and foreign real estate sites rank Ecuador as one of the world’s best retirement havens. Some even rank Ecuador as number 1, which I firmly believe.

Since I began doing research on living in a foreign country a few years ago, and subsequently deciding on Ecuador as my own personal haven, (before I knew many of these international sites existed), I had put together my own criteria list for what I believed were the most important areas of concern for living my life outside of the USA. My list identified Ecuador as the perfect retirement destination country for my wife and myself. I must say it is nice to have that research proven to be right as other international sites have done. With that in mind I offer here our criteria for what was important to us that our second home country offered: This list is not in any order of importance as all of this was important to us.

1. Stable government, preferably democratic

2. Availability of good health care at reasonable prices

3. Economic stability along with current Exchange currency

4. Real Estate values

5. Cost of Living

6. Culture

7. Safety

8. Climate

9. Infrastructure

10. Special benefits

11. Foreign ownership rights

12. Property taxes

13. Language

14. Beauty

15. Diversity

16. Beaches

17. Transportation

18. Acceptance of foreigners

19. Labor pool

20. Foreign investment opportunities

21. Recreation opportunities

This was our criteria list, and I think it is important to have one that is equally as important to one’s own set of needs, wants and desires. We must all keep in mind that breaking “out of the box” is a sometimes scary process, but with a little research, preparation, planning and traveling, those “scary” thoughts and feelings can be overcome. Just look at the hundreds of thousands and perhaps now millions of expats living abroad in as many different areas and cultures as our minds can comprehend.

Here at Vista Pacifica we enjoy an international clientele from many different parts of the world yet they all seem to have one thing in common, which is, in this next chapter of their lives changing environments is not a challenge at all, but rather a new and exciting way of life that they embrace.



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