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Walking the Beach

I don’t know about you, but walking along on a deserted stretch of pristine beach always makes me calm and serene.

When I say deserted I mean just that. Here at Vista Pacifica, just down below us is a stretch of beach that goes on for miles…I have been told there are 35 kilometers that are traversable at low tide but cannot say for certain, one day I will measure it.

Recently I was there with clients and had just got back from walking it and watching the sunset as we strolled…we saw exactly 4 people all along it, and one dog…walking as we were, but the other way. I had to wonder where were they going, and they probably wondered the same about us. We were going nowhere in particular with our leisurely pace, just enjoying the wonderful Pacific Ocean along with its waves and breezes.

Some of the clients who have recently been here, walked along this beach and found wonderful shells, stones and driftwood and remarked about how none of that is found on any beaches they either have or have been to.

I certainly understand, you see, I used to live in Florida and we have many beaches around, none of which I find particularly appealing since they are all so crowded. I have heard of beaches in Florida that are deserted, but have never been to one. However those are the Gulf of Mexico or the Atlantic beaches that we have, not the Pacific.

Here our sand is volcanic in nature, extremely fine and it feels like silk when you walk on it, as one client described it. I had a different take..I thought it felt like Oatmeal…not that I would know, just the feeling that I have of what Oatmeal must feel like when you walk on it, and so there you have it….Silk or Oatmeal…your choice or come on down and name it yourself, either way, you won’t regret it

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